Types Of Trowels: What are the different types of trowel

The trowel is an extremely simple tool consisting of a rectangular spatula with a comfortable wooden or sometimes plastic handle on one side. In appearance, it is completely comparable to the American trowel and is used to smooth the walls before the material they are made of dries up. Until a few years ago, trowels were only made of wood, whereas today they are also commonly produced with plastic materials. When mortars are applied with a trowel, the trowel becomes a valid support tool for small quantities of mortar that still have to be spread on the surface of the wall in question. In practice, with the tip of the trowel, the amount of mortar that can be enclosed in the fist of a hand is taken and then lies on the upper face of the trowel holding it by the handle. In this way you can bring the mortar to human height without having to bend to the ground to pick up each time the compound to be spread on the wall with the trowel.

There are very small trowels to be used to reach otherwise inaccessible points to be smoothed.

How to choose the trowel

Trowels are available in various sizes and are made of three different materials: plastic, wood and polyurethane. Wood is the one that until a few years ago was used most frequently. A trowel made with this material, after use, is cleaned quickly first by scratching the residues still fresh with the trowel and then rinsing the surface under the jet of water. However, weight plays a key role at its disadvantage. Wood, compared to other more innovative materials, is heavy and if you have to work for several hours with the trowel, it is better to choose a much lighter model.

Plastic could be the right choice, but the mortar tends to remain more attached to its surface and removing it at the end of the working day becomes a difficult task. Polyurethane is very light, cleanses well and has no particular disadvantages worthy of note in its use. As it is not very heavy, it is easy to handle and if washed thoroughly after use, it can last many years. Instead, as far as the size of the trowel is concerned, everyone can choose the one that best suits the surface to be smoothed. If you have to do a very large job without any obstacles of any kind and details to be finished, the right trowel is the largest one. If, however, precision work is to be carried out in an area that is difficult to reach, the ideal area is small and light. With this tool it will be less complicated to get to the most hidden points to perfectly smooth even uneven surfaces and full of interruptions of various kinds.

How to use the trowel

How to use the trowel The main purpose of the trowel is to smooth the surfaces impeccably. To obtain an excellent result, the techniques are varied. The simplest technique is to apply the rustic mortar with a trowel. When it starts to pull you can start to smooth with the trowel moistening with water the surface to be treated. The trowel should be kept slightly inclined with respect to the wall so as to be able to slide it easily in a circular direction.

Pricing of the trowels

Metal trowel Trowels have a cost that varies depending on the material of which they are made and on the good name of the company that puts them on the market. You can already buy one of these tools for work even for figures that are around three euros if you want to opt for plastic. If you prefer polyurethane you must be willing to spend a little more but for 8 or 9 euros you can already get a good tool.

Wooden tools are the most expensive choice and to buy one made in Italy of good quality can take up to thirty euros. However, if you choose a wooden trowel made in China at most you will spend 15 euros.

When buying, do not lose sight of the quality of the trowel because if it is poor you risk having to buy a new one after a short time.

Electric trowel

electric trowel In addition to the classic hand trowel, there is a machine tool that can greatly simplify the work for man, reducing without a doubt the physical fatigue and working time. This is the electric trowel, a practical and efficient work tool, able to combine speed of execution with ease of use so that even workers at the first weapons could use it without particular problems. Despite this, the electric trowel is used in most cases by professionals who use it daily to do their job and now consider it an indispensable tool. The perfect functioning of the machine and the guarantee of the result is given by the action of water that comes out of the trowel by sprays and goes to moisten the wall or the material that you want to smooth, making precisely the work easier. The mechanical parts of the tool are resistant, made of metallic material, safe and build according to established standards to ensure total reliability.

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