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The age, body weight, scrotal circumference and spermiogram of the rams were studied by standard techniques. Res., 84:41–46. La fonction discriminante obtenue a permis de classer correctement 100% des individus de l’échantillon. Characterization and conservation of genetic diversity in subdivided populations. This work aims to study the qualitative phenotypic characteristics of Balami. Res., 43: 195-202. Livestock farmers in West Africa are increasingly turning to the red goat of ‘Maradi‘ and the ‘Balami,’ two of Niger’s revered sheep breed, scientifically proven to adapt better to the changing climate and genetically wealthier. The … It is big, predominantly white with convex face. (2002), l’environnement aurait un effet sur la variation des paramètres morphologiques se traduisant par une diminution des dimensions des animaux des zones froides et humides vers les zones arides. Les résultats de l’analyse descriptive, indiqués dans le tableau 4, montrent que les Balamis ont une hauteur au garrot moyenne égale à 78,9 ± 5,1 cm et une longueur du corps égale à 101,3 ± 8,1 cm. Small Rumin. Parmi les sept races ovines élevées au Niger, le mouton Balami est une race ovine à pelage en poils très apprécié par ses aptitudes bouchères. Langue: français. Balami: Found throughout the north Eastern part of the country, but more concentrated in Borno State. The ram weighs between 40kg – 60kg at maturity while the ewes weigh between 30kg – 45kg at maturity. Du même auteur, le Balami aurait une origine occidentale que tropicale. Blackburn H.D., Field C.R. (2012). Balami is most predominant in the North eastern part of Nigeria. (2011), Cerqueira et al. En moyenne le poids est de 43,9 ± 10,9 kg. Uda and the Balami breed are widely distributed within the arid and semi arid regions of the country. Here are some characteristics of sheep and I think you will agree that it is very applicable to us! The ram weighs between 40kg – 60kg at maturity while the ewes weigh between 30kg – 45kg at maturity. Le tableau 1 présente le nombre de sites et d’ovins Balami mesuré par commune. The HTW and CC obtained in this study were also higher than HTWs of 67.4 and 68.0cm and CCs of 80.0 and 81.3cm respectively for mature Zulu sheep in South Africa (Kunene et al., 2007).The variation in CC and HTW could be due to … On the other hand, a goat follows only its own lead, creating disunity when he comes in contact with others in the flock. Horns are prominent in males (rams), but absent in the females (ewes). Yakubu A., Ibrahim I.A. Hizkel K, Yoseph M, … Toro M.A., Caballero A. The characteristics of Balami sheep breed include the following: It has very large and droopy ears with thin and long tails. The four well defined sheep breeds in the country are choice for genetic characterization of livestock (Arora et al., 2011), Balami, Uda, Yankassa and West African dwarf. characteristics in Nigerian indigenous sheep Abdulmojeed Yakubu, Isa A. Ibrahim Department of Animal Science, Nasarawa State University, Lafia, Nigeria Abstract The population variability of three breeds of Nigerian sheep was investigated using multi-variate discriminant analysis. The Balami is a predominantly white and hairy breed with a pronounced convex heat and a dull depression. (2009). Results Morphological characterization The basic descriptive statistics of the morphological traits of WAD, Yankasa, Uda and Balami sheep are pre-sented in Table 1. Technical Bulletin, 23: 11. Ndumu D.B., Baumung R., Wurzinger M., Drucker A.G., Okeyo A.M., Semambo D., Sölkner J. Characteristics analysis of sheep in the country, especially among the Fulani pastoralists showed that ewes had approximately 120% fertility rate, 12% rate of twinning and 25% lamb mortality rate at 3months old. To this end, 311 Balamis sheep (75.9% females: 24.1% males) distributed over 99 holdings and 10 sites were characterized. Uda sheep in Nigeria 33 Map 12. Salako A.E. Pour LO et lo, la commune de Bermo est statistiquement différente des communes d’Azagor et Madaoua. The North American Clun Forest Association discourages showing, preferring to stress the performance aspects of the breed. Sout. La variation morphologique pourrait être très intéressante pour le dépistage de diversité génétique globale adaptative (Toro et Caballero, 2005). Enfin des analyses multi-variées notamment l’Analyse en Composantes Principales (ACP) et l’Analyse Factorielle Discriminante (AFD) ont été effectuées au logiciel XLSTAT afin d’apprécier les corrélations entre les variables quantitatives abordées. Pays Trop., 61:215-220. Principal component factor analysis of the morphostructure of immature uda Sheep. Health Prod., 45:267–274. Anim. The characteristics of these breeds have been studied (1). Institut National de la statistique (INS) (2018). , 2020. Horns are prominent in rams and are usually absent in ewes. Balami sheep was significantly (p<0.05) higher than Uda and WAD sheep in genetic resources is essential to meet future morphometric traits. Balami Ram. (2009). Rapport national. B, 360:1367-1378. They are found across the Northern and Southern Guinea Savannah zones. Type of birth, age of dam and sex had significant effects on weights at all ages. This indicates that the Balami sheep is bigger than the two other northern sheep breeds of Nigeria. Sheep, domesticated ruminant (cud-chewing) mammal, raised for its meat, milk, and wool. 2001). (3) Breeds of farm animals. Sujet de la page: "Qualitative phenotypic characteristics of the Balamisheep breed from Niger - IOSR Journal".

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