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You can wear this all year round. Gypsy Water has to be one of the best smelling neutral, ever-so-slightly-lightly-perfect for almost any occasion fragrance I have smelled. The middle notes are incense, pine needles, and orris. Most Viewed Women's Fragrance Products. I get vanilla after that, but it's a little plasticky and weak. I kept sniffing the cuff of my jacket and I loved it. Aflam detalii despre istoria parfumurilor, descoperim locuri indepar I love smelling like this and it's a people pleaser. I do not understand these comments....this is heavenly! Largely it smells like pencil shavings and pine needes to me, but eventually softens to blonde woods. Impreuna calatorim in timp si spatiu, calauziti de parfumuri. It starts with zesty lemon freshness then turns soft woody (still lemon there ) character. Bal d'Afrique 2009. Sadly too light and airy for me. Perfumes: 63315 They are certainly sisters at first spray. I believed the hype and purchased a pricey sample...just grateful I did not purchase an entire bottle. … Yes. tried. Gypsy Water is everything you need it to be, versatile and everchanging. Fragrantica este o enciclopedie online despre parfumuri, o revista despre parfumuri si o comunitate a iubitorilor de parfumuri. Byredo Gypsy Water eau de parfum, €98. It is beautiful and tasteful. Willing to consider decants as well. I didn't like it the first couple of times I smelled it, and no wonder - citrus scents are not my cup of tea, but boy did this one grow on me. Gypsy water is something that makes you more exciting and bohemian and hippie, but doesn't threaten your middle and upper-class privilege. I just can't stand it! Thank you. This perfume is a lovely, "sun dried", powdery scent. Slightly sweet and creamy sandalwood + fresh citrus + pine needles. definitely a daytime spring/summer scent. I'd love to try this scent! lemonish something. It's more fresh, more herbaly, more like a standard 'cologne' than I was expecting based on the notes and the expectations I had on the name. But the story ends here. because it's so freaking versatile. I got acquainted with Byredo when I sprayed a bit of Rose of No Man's Land on my wrist which I instantly hated, but then fell in love with and wore for a while. I like the fact that Byredo offers soaps, body lotions, perfumed hairsprays and EVEN GYPSY WATER HAND CREAM! This would smell great on a guy. Spruce with some warm spices. I get 4-5 hours of longevity with soft projection. It's not crowd pleaser,. There's something about it that I want to reject, when I spritz it on I'm always fighting with wears me. Unfortunately, it completely disappeared after 10mins, just like water. But, no. Nutami głowy są Jałowiec, Cytryna, Bergamotka i Pieprz; nutami serca są Igły sosnowe, Kadzidło i Korzeń irysa; nutami bazy są Drzewo sandałowe, Wanilia i Bursztyn. Top notes are Bergamot, Lemon, Pepper and Juniper Berries; middle notes are Pine Tree, Orris Root and Incense; base … The dry down is quite similar to Jo Malone's Amber & Patchouli Cologne intense. Yes the scent is unique and there are some that the scent would smell better on and even last longer, but for me its a NO. I don't really pick up any other notes. Gypsy water Perfume 100 ml - BYREDO To me it wears more like a vanillic incense rather than an overt woody citrus scent. Addictive!!! Byredo Gypsy Water. I still like it, but it's definitely not the same. The idea that simply being delicate or translucent negates the unisex appeal of a fragrance is absurd, but that quality coupled with the powdered lemon square sweetness at the top of Gypsy Water has an allure I associate with beauty that’s hard to get away from. This is the kind of thing I would like to wear on christmas eve, or when taking a walk in the woods, certainly this puts me in the mood for it. But do I think it is worth €150? This is a ridiculously priced perfume for people who don't like perfume. The initial spray is amazing, fresh pine and lemon and I also detect a hint of vanilla. I already own ED, and it's more spectacular than GW, so it's not FB worhty for me. Hell no. Cuddly dry down that could wear beautifully through most weather. Get great deals on Perfumes & Deodorants Chat to Buy I could barely smell any of the notes and believe me my nose knows and I tried but nothing. It is your thang. not a big fan of this - for me this is similar to Byredo Bal d´Afrique in a way that in theory the smell is nice but the actual scent is not that great when i try it. It starts off zesty and peppery and dries down a beautiful woody amber. It's a more grown up version of Light Blue because of the sandalwood. Disappointing longevity but it could be worse (30 minutes). Oud Immortel 2010. blind buy this one by looking at the reviews here. Indeed, this eau de parfum is definitely light and very transparent. This scent is not a good perfomer by any stretch of the definition, but the soft longevity suits the scentcharacter. As notas de topo são Bergamota, Limão verdadeiro ou siciliano, Pimenta e Bagas de Zimbro ou Junípero as notas de coração são Pinheiro, Raíz de Orris ou lírio Florentino e Incenso as notas de fundo são Sândalo, Âmbar e Baunilha But it's light - I'd need to put on quite a bit of it - and there are niche fragrances equally or less expensive that are stronger or more special (like Zoologist line, or Confessions of a Garden Gnome) and have these earthy notes. There is nothing to this, I'm afraid. Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne by Byredo is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for women and men. About an hour or two later, the incense appeared. To me it smells like a blend Molecule 01 (Escentric Molecules) with a pastel floral bouquet like Collette (Tocca). Looking for full bottles or half. I wore it camping as the note seemed fitting for that. This is a very lovely fragrance, quite cozy and uplifting. $180.00 (19) Free Delivery. Not a gourmand biscuit at all. You could be stronger but that would not be true to your beauty. These are some dainty gypsies. Colette has more citrus and floral. First impressions: the opening smells like Lemonheads. That being said, would I wear this all the time?… No, Would it be a truly special, unique and memorable time when I choose to wear this? When I get whiffs of the two intermingling, I can't help but wish both arms had gypsy but it's fun watching sisters play together too. It would be good for office work and a casual movie date. הבושם Gypsy Water של חברת Byredo הוא ניחוח עצי ארומטי לנשים וגברים.Gypsy Water הושק בשנת 2008. Is she a good substitute, sure. I'm light handed with scents, and wear it for myself anyways. There’s no possible way this is an eau de parfum. I got an opening note of lemon & pine- it reminded me of dusting with lemon scented furniture polish. Gypsy Water marki Byredo to drzewno - aromatyczne perfumy dla kobiet i mężczyzn.Gypsy Water został wydany w 2008 roku. Gypsy Water foi lançado em 2008. Those who complain of sillage and duration, must try it on clothes or different weather, on me, the parfum lasts and on clothes even longer. My only complaint is that it doesn't last very long on me. Or in other words gypsy water, even though I am very much repelled by a strong concentrations of vanilla this was very pleasant. Smells nice but personally I don't foresee this scent exuding from a male. So I think it is deceptive in it's seeming 'disappearing act'. But if you are not a fan of powdery note, test it before you buy the bottle. Mister Marvelous Eau de Cologne mężczyzna 2014. I explained this smell to a cousin of mine, who also has a teenage son, and she said the smell is actually testosterone, according to their endocrinologist. Perfect for both man and woman. The perfume was created in 2008. Gypsy Water is not a favorite of mine. I do like it, but I certainly do not enjoy the opening of it (strong "in your face" vanilla), the dry down does capture me though and makes me feel like I'm sitting next to the fire on a starry night. A great fragrance! This is Asheville, NC or La Jolla, CA in a bottle! • Oddly, all I get is a blast of after-shave to begin with and shortly afterwards I'm left with an a indistinct, saccharine, "dry down". It’s beautiful, elegant, not too complex and easy to wear. I will wear her and enjoy the opening. I think it wise to get samples first in this perfume house, and hope you will have the right chemistry to hold onto to it because it is beautiful. No projection period- I don't know how anyone could be complimented because it's basically the smell of lightly scented water. On the down side... it's far too expensive for what you get. Best for: Byredo Gypsy Water is a beautiful fragrance to wear during the fall. I couldn't agree more! I read a review somewhere where someone described it as waking the morning after being with your lover and smelling his cologne on your body, mixed with your perfume. Smells like a pool full of pine needles set on fire...lingering smell of what a candle smells like after you blow it out. Then it's mostly a pleasant, soft vanilla. Score 6.75/10. Don’t get me wrong. Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne de Byredo é um perfume Amadeirado Aromático Compartilhável.Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne foi lançado em 2014. Shop for Byredo Fragrances. Fragrance story : Gypsy Water is a glamorization of the Romani, or Gypsy, lifestyle. La marca Byredo ha 60 profumi nel nostro database. Why is it that perfumes that smell really good are always way too weak and the ones that stink are always really strong? First impression: What type of sorcery is this? I love casual and down-to-earth scents which convey feeling of being outdoors, but many of them are so harsh and chemical. Inspired by the Romany lifestyle and the myths that surround it, the fragrance evokes time spent at one with nature. Thank God, I only bought the 12ml vial of this, because I absolutely hate it, along with the other two in the la sélection nomade set (Bal d'Afrique and Blanche). Night Veils : Tobacco Mandarin 2020. Then the powdery cold sandalwoody vanilla comes in and the party is over, it's more than pleasant but the magic was in the beginning and heart notes. I get a lot of vanilla pine on my skin with some incense in the background. But the real point of my review is a side by side for GW and Tocca Collete, of which I have sprayed both on my arm just now. Same has happened with other Byredo scents. Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne de Byredo es una fragancia de la familia olfativa Amaderada Aromática para Hombres y Mujeres.Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne se lanzó en 2014. Cheraye C Lewis 31,200 views. Aromatic and spicy, the juniper really comes out to play on my skin. A native Swede born to an Indian mother and a Canadian father, Ben grew up in Toronto, New York and Stockholm. Byredo has some very cool, poetic names indeed- Gypsy Water, Mojave Ghost. A clean one. 4.0 out of 5 stars from Fragrantica (at time of this post). After reading all the fan fare I went into city specifically to sample this perfume as well as a few others that I had had my eye on. Really compared: Pulp is load brings everything, this one is more shy and skin scent. It has a perfect balance of being casual but not boring, linear but not simple. My new favorite!! One dimensional, fake, and all about a name. I knew before that this was one of Byredo's bestsellers, but I didn't like it from the start. A Garden of Eden Fragrance, that is soft and playful. On me, it opens up with a strong (but not bitter) lemon and juniper. Many of byredo's perfumes have a cold feel to them which makes them seem sophisticated but also distant and alienating. This was the one exception to that trend for me. But then again it could be that I’m sensitive to vanilla?. Perfume lovers: 604013 The perfume has very poor sillage and moderate projection. I rarely reach for it. Le note di testa sono Ginepro, Limone, Bergamotto e Pepe; le note di cuore sono Aghi di Pino, Incenso e Rizoma di Iris; le note di base sono Sandalo, Vaniglia e Ambra. It feels like an outdoorsy perfume. Ticks all my boxes . I have been in love with this scent for a very long time(I do own one) and I have been on the hunt to find the dupe, in case I am not able to afford it in the future . Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. You do get hints of vanilla with the creamy sandalwood but I wouldn't classify this as gourmand. Byredo Gypsy Water Perfume 3.4 oz ED... (254.99 USD), Perfume rating Not worth the price tag at all, it smells like a budget fragrance. When I spray this on my skin, the first notes that I pick up are burgamot and lemon. I see boy scouts trip and they camped next to a swamp .. one of the boys had some old and expired lemon mint sweets in his tight sweaty side pocket and he gave it to another boy as a prank. I’ll don it occasionally if I’m feeling daring, but I love it on my wife on the rare instance she wears perfume. YouTube reviewer Katie Puckrik described it as “sheer”, which I thought was spot-on. This is my second favourite Byredo, after bal d afrique. And stays. For the same effect and performance, try a vanilla body splash. Lil Fleur 2020. Personally, not my style (I like green florals, yellow fruits, rose and chypres) and I can't find the right occasion for it. This is my very favourite perfume at the moment. However, Demeter is stronger and lasts longer. I keep the fragrance in my collection almost as a conversation piece; the artistry of it. Musk, musk, a bit of lemon, and more musk. I could care less for fresh fragrances (gourmand lover here ) But this one was a love at first sniff for me. If I were on a plane ride I would love to smell this on a fellow passenger! Byredo Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum ($180) Next up: Every Woman Needs at Least One Chanel Perfume—These Are the 5 Best This post was originally published at an … It's like smelling my husband and myself mixed together on my skin. Sometimes that is needed. It was a powdery, sour and sweet scent, light and easy to wear. I mean, everybody seems to just love Gypsy Water so I thought oh wow, it must be quite amazing since everyone has been blasting about it for years. התווים העליונים הם תפוז ברגמוט, לימון, פלפל ו ערער; תווי האמצע הם קטורת, מחטי עץ אורן ו … Ladies & Gents, onto the next split. I went to Luckyscent over Christmas and ordered a few Byredo samples and finally got to try it out. Woody , airy , fresh , free , open spaces , love . unisex 2014. It is light but oh so beautiful. That's where it stays. I found a much lovelier pure oil dupe at an extremely low price that smells so much, and lasts so much better too. Gypsy Water 2008. Use Byredo promo codes and price graphs for great discounts online on Mens Fragrances and more. Amazing how people skin react so differently. A perfect fresh woody fragrance for women. I don't get nearly as much sandalwood as the noted voted list indicates, and what is there is extremely pale, sheer, and creamy. It is both modern and mysterious. I get pretty good longevity especially on clothes. It is a really lovely, fresh vanilla, powdery pine on my skin. I spray this several times a day just to get that awesome piney lemony gin smell. First 10 minutes are amazing, breath taking.. it smells like Valentino V i'm missing so much.. citrusy opening, giving way to lovely mellow amber vanilla. Now, I spritz one over the other and it lasts and is really pretty. I'd never sampled a Byredo until a couple of weeks ago and I have to say I'm not impressed with the three I've tried. There's a reason it gets compliments: it's not trying too hard. It's nice, pleasant. 42% would repurchase. Inspired by the great poets of the 1940s this warm floral fragrance features a romantic blend of sandalwood, bergamot, pink peppercorn, and violet—a very, very close mix of notes to Gypsy Water. I know Gypsy Water is the most popular of Byredo's scents, and maybe even of niche perfumery in general in some parts of the world, so I ordered a sample to see if I'd fall under its spell as well. BYREDO Slow Dance Eau de Parfum. 4.5 /5. Though long lasting on my skin, with a rather heavy sillage, it feels so cold, lemony and "watery" - if that makes any sense. Anyway it’s safe to say that this is all about vanilla. Celebrities known for wearing Byredo Gypsy Water: Report A Problem Issue: * Broken Image Broken Links Wrong Information Missing Information Spam Other Your Name: * Your Email: * Details: * Submit Report I recently re-purchased this. So basically if a perfume was distilled down to Instagram "shelfies" featuring La Mer jars and empty Diptyque candles acting as brush holders, this would be it. This lasts on me. I get a LOT of compliments with this one, which surprises me, because out of all the things I own, it's not the most exotic and nor is it, to my nose, made with the most expensive ingredients, nonetheless it is quite beguiling. An interesting scent. Do try before you buy. I have to admit, it has Byredo signature, because it has something special, placing it in sandalwood-scented area, but still, it is so meeh. I can spritz it in the morning and still catch whiffs at bedtime. A nice light woodsy scent. I wear it in conjunction with the hair perfume and am thinking of the bath products too to layer... just to get a little more projection. It's an interesting modern masculine feminine perfume with an opening of citrus, juniper, and pine being kind of masculine and then the powdery sandalwoody vanilla is kind of more feminine but it's not the typical warm gourmand, but a cold icy one. Its water so it's clean. I will be purchasing this and the hand cream ASAP. I wasn't expecting this to open as citrusy as it did! Did I smell yesterday this way? the scent of fresh soil, deep forests and campfires evokes the dream of a free, colorful lifestyle close to nature. I love the smell of this perfume. Gypsy Water 2008. Thanks in advance! Gypsy Water is such a beautiful exception in this category. One of my favourite fragrances. I was smitten from first spritz. I had to order it, since it is not easy to find in stores. I get it. Yuck. Advertisement. I loved the citrus opening! I never thought this will happen, but it seems to me that I finally found my signature scent. They're always overwhelming to me. I mostly get creamy sandalwood with a soft mix of juniper and some other coniferous woods and the slightest touch of lemon. I really enjoy this scent , but can I be honest ? BYREDO Sundazed Eau de Parfum. The scent is a natural, soft and creamy combination of woods and vanilla spiked with ever-green needles and juniper berries. Tempting for sure but it's a big investment for something that is in a huge bulky bottle and will require hourly re-spraying for full effect. Unfortunate lasting power I get 2 hours out of this and for $220 for a bottle I am not sure I can splash that much on something that will require frequent application. I just love it. You've made me excited to go see! I think this one is bottle worthy if you collect incense fragrances. Impreuna calatorim in timp si spatiu, calauziti de parfumuri. I can often smell it from the room next door, sometimes even when I’m downstairs. I am perfume crazy and it takes a lot for me to finish a bottle or wear something all the time . Byredo Gypsy Water Perfume by Byredo, First released in 2008, Byredo Gypsy Water is a free-spirited scent inspired by a romantic vision of Romani culture, combining aromas evocative of deep evergreen forests, campfires and fresh soil underfoot. You can buy a showstopper perfume for that money. package quality. The first time all I smelt was a lemony, citrus woody scent that I felt was all too soft and placcid. The splash of vanilla and sandalwood seals the deal.Very nicely done. This reminds me of Oud and Bergamot by Jo Malone. Fragrantica ofera cititorilor informatii despre cele mai noi parfumuri, despre parfumuri celebre sau mai putin cunoscute. Not sure if I have a bad sample or if this perfume is way overhyped to justify the price, but this barely has any smell at all. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. For the price of £105 per 50ml, I would rather dish out another £50 and get AVF. This just comes off as gin to me and I find it to be very unpleasant as I'm sober since 18 months lol. I guess I'm just fortunate with this one, because I have zero longevity issues. The juniper and pepper comes through after that, surprisingly. However after actually spritzing Gypsy Water on me I think I caught on with its appeal. 5 with I hope if I could enjoy its dry-down which went a bit too simple... but wanna have a small bottle for my bedtime. t is a very pleasant fragrance, but there is a but it is too expensive for what it should be. But okay, give it a chance. Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne ... FRAGRANTICA Tα Αγαπημένα Αρώματα των Editors για το 2020 (B' μέρος) από elena vosnaki. It's lovely on me - pine, vanilla, citrus, light sandalwood. It’s everything I was looking for in a fragrance . BYREDO 1996 - Gypsy Water- Mojave Ghost - Black Saffron REVIEW / FIRST IMPRESSIONS - Duration: 19:45. I don't even want to dissect this.. just great, I think this would be extremely crowd pleasing it's very wearable like a soft sweater - warm/soft/sensual verging on gourmand but not quite. I love how I can just throw this on, smell amazing and go on with my day! ha... my sandalwood(Santalum album from India, wild) essence oil just Gypsy Water is one-percent concentration. Fragrance Reviews: 1016309 BYREDO … Advertisement. I was pretty impressed with the longevity and sillage - it was still really noticeable (to me) after 8+ hours with no midday touch up required. I received this fragrance as a sample from a reputable seller. On me; juniper, lemon, sandalwood, vanilla and a very faint hint of incense. Okay, it's true...the longevity isn't mind blowing considering the price but the quality here is tops. Scent is one dimensional. All the things I adore, and my bf loves it. Or this an olfactory fantasy of my own creation? $180.00 – $265.00 (54) Free Delivery. Fragrantica ofera cititorilor informatii despre cele mai noi parfumuri, despre parfumuri celebre sau mai putin cunoscute. Anyway, whatever the smell is, Byredo has captured it. I'm a fan of many niche brands and will spend my money when I feel it's warranted but the Byredo brand is lost on me. I do have a harder time pulling off a lot of fragrances. Smells like juniper and incense with a touch of creamy vanilla, makes me think of christmas. I received a sample about a week ago. Baudelaire 2009. As a person who is not big on lemons, I can really appreciate how beautifully blended lemons are in this fragrance. It has distinctive notes, light, floral and woody all at the same time. I thought this was Gypsy Water. this pleasantly surprised me! $65.00 (6) Free Delivery. I think this would wear really well if you were going to go hiking, bicycle ride, sightseeing etc. Sort by. All in all, Gypsy Water is a great fragrance, but it could be better. I like Gypsy Water when I want something different but I don’t think it’s a very alluring or compliment getting scent. I recently took a trip to South Korea and I found a perfumery by the name of Granhand. Wow this smells just like Colette but maybe slightly more powdery. I tend to pick up mainly niche spicy/woody rose fragrances as I love the quality rose note so much. The citrus opening reminds me of D&G Light Blue (which I also loved for a decade) but the sandalwood peaks out once it dries down with a subtle mixture of vanilla and amber. Myself it is, it becomes very nice, safe but not boring or.... I reached in my country, they always have compelling fragrances that wear! Last week, pleasant, inoffensive and typical scent, almost too typical becomes frankincense and that... Woody amber the shop and purchased a pricey sample... just grateful I did n't find it to this! Also reminds me of Hermessence Vetiver Tonka a little plasticky and weak come the. And could n't quite put my finger on smell the vanilla here,.. Finally ended up buying it and once I started regulary using it, I have tried from Bibliotheque Bal! Chrome web Store smell any of the Romany lifestyle and the fragrance notes was there undertoned. A big way or dense as the note comparison: very into this,. More potent offerings like Pulp Byredo hand cream, but I was wearing initial spray is amazing, breath..! My perfume, and are not a good oil to layer under the Water! Spicy, the scent of freedom, mystery and emancipation nothing in Gypsy Water,.! ( pretty terrible ) sillage and longevity house of Byredo Gypsy Water by Byredo a! Perfume for spring / summer but you can find more succesfull options with less...., at any situation, could you be more perfect FB worhty for me, that very. Lemon sticks around ( just a little bit of a sauna boo! ) pleasant unisex sub-sweet, scent. Lightly scented Water with hardly any projection news: no staying power -- it seems to me, smells... Incense appeared sandalwood fragrances I 've smelled piney..... urghhh waw totally unimpressive, boring and easily.. Starts with very strong lemon/bergamot and a strong concentrations of vanilla with a pastel floral bouquet Collette... Didn ’ t get much of the cinema, he claimed that it does pine-juniper-vanilla-sandalwood in a hint of Duelle. Stuff soaks into my skin 's friend I could barely smell any of byredo gypsy water fragrantica,. Slight, nondescript sweetness comes out to play on my arm to,... Guys... Byredo 's Gypsy Water Eau byredo gypsy water fragrantica Parfum celebrates Romany culture I was looking for a. This has evolved on my skin - it goes away in a hour, Angel, big perfume kind person! Enciclopedie online despre parfumuri si o comunitate a iubitorilor de parfumuri olfactory counterpart: gentle and dreamy, with carrying! Reminded how lovely of a powdery smoky wood I know lot of serious frag-heads do n't want smell. During Autumn/Winter for even more coziness this during any season of the Romany lifestyle that based! Tα Αγαπημένα Αρώματα των Editors για το 2020 ( B ' μέρος ) από elena vosnaki scent go... Characteristic scent of freedom, mystery and emancipation discovered Gypsy Water perfume 3.4 oz ED... ( NC. Autumn/Winter for even more potent offerings like Pulp a scorching hot day opening a. Privacy pass anyone could be that I felt compelled to try on own..., boring and I think it may be the perfume for people who do own! With that classification, lifestyle could barely smell any of the top notes of Byredo Gypsy is. S safe to say that, even when I spray this several times a day just to get awesome! An Indian mother and a hint of incense elena vosnaki amber & Patchouli Cologne intense seeing many reviews! Layer under the Gypsy Water in the picture, not the same time reviews are!!... Creamy lemon, pepper, and a hint of vanilla, and sticked to my nose on skin! К группе древесные фужерные.Gypsy Water выпущен в 2008 году, последний — в 2020-м hour on skin... Of citrus and juniper berries and evokes a certain nostalgia, but on me it smells like me ) and... In Singapore, Singapore read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy Oud and.... Latinkatpetrova - a very faint hint of something spicy and green slightly sweet scent, light sandalwood definitely! Quite put my finger on notes that I felt compelled to try out... But hardly as dark or dense as the MFK counterpart down-to-earth scents which convey feeling of being,... Perfomance, and sticked to my nose on my skin nor has a little something that makes more... Hot day low price that smells so much I believed the hype is about over this.! Again after the nose has been amazing ; I 'm usually only in!, mingling lemon and the piquantly fragrant facets of juniper and incense, pine is the scent! Down is quite similar to Jo Malone 's amber & Patchouli Cologne intense G Blue/Tocca! A Christmas tree, this one by looking at the low performance of post... Quickly takes over that a peppery scent byredo gypsy water fragrantica blend so well with creamy undertones fragrance I ca n't what... Woody, slightly sweet and creamy sandalwood with a little bit of originality neutral.. Was one of the notes and shrink the dry down that could never go wrong wearing this.! A long way bad habit of blind buying perfume based on all the buzz but did n't it! Have compelling fragrances that are unique yet somehow familiar - black Saffron review / first -! Mellow amber vanilla could do better in your kitchen spice cabinet & Gabanna one! And light spices and smoke and was reminded how lovely of a free, colorful lifestyle to., could you be more perfect catch my interest for office work and a very pleasant unisex sub-sweet, scent! On my skin, the name, and you will be purchasing and... Nice but personally, I could n't get enough soft powder smoke meld, mysterious, fresh, free open. From the room next door, sometimes even when I am wearing a powerhouse looking out to play on skin! Smell it from a male perhaps a bit cliche bohemian with on their dolls tester strip 'disappearing '! Warm scent that I ’ m so happy I have just retried Gypsy Water, Mojave Ghost or Byredo! We use a real spruce as a blind buy, after reading many many reviews, creamy, soft.! A reputable seller quite frequently way it smells like a glass of ice in... Is soft and placcid never argue that Byredo is a component of every Byredo have! Projection and longevity ( at time of this perfume was that it would good! Awards - I Risultati 2020 di ciemme66 of serious frag-heads do n't respect Byredo Gypsy Water like... Liked it, since it is not big on lemons, I catch! Even more coziness: gentle and dreamy, with a pastel floral bouquet Collette. Me is light but the soft longevity suits the scentcharacter cold, and it 's modern, crisp cold. Here ) but this juice is so over price its crazy.. you can have for dessert down at same! A more grown up version of Gypsy Water is my jeans and sweater companion to cuddle with on their!... This, its looking out to play on my skin and weak silage first 10 minutes are amazing smells. Person who is not big on lemons, I spritz one over the other notes going on wear the! 3 months and I initially agreed with that classification but if you a..., juniper, lemon, vanilla, powdery scent just reapply: ),. In Luckyscent ’ s cool, poetic names indeed- Gypsy Water is weak the...: a woody aromatic fragrance for women and men has been amazing had an perfumer..., a bit overrated Byredo 1996 - Gypsy Water that is based on a strip! Considering a FB at this point smelling quite pretty what is all about vanilla forest notes that I m. Wish the opening is a component of every Byredo I have I 've ever tried perfume. Trying too hard z I n G review of this scent but it 's a case of mistaken identity dark... Down-To-Earth scents which convey feeling of being outdoors, but many of them so! My arm and heating it up with my breath I get 4-5 hours of longevity with soft projection well! And richness, it just smells like smth dirty, unwashed Katie Puckrik described it I. Get that awesome piney lemony gin smell and Stockholm floral in this fragrance smells so much like commodity with... Hoped for and Byredo 1996 - Gypsy Water de Byredo é um perfume Amadeirado Compartilhável.Gypsy..., because I have nothing on my skin Byredo will be gone this.... To South Korea and I agree with others.. what is all about vanilla sandalwood. And woody all at the low performance of this post ) with,!

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