How to choose the perfect bathroom furniture for your home

Bathroom furniture are not just items in which to store cosmetics and products. Especially in recent years they have become true protagonists of the bathroom; adding character to the interior, highlighting the design or even enlarging a small bathroom. Here you can choose bidet and toilet combination for your bathroom

Whether you want to furnish your bathroom like a spa or create a modern and elegant bathroom, a number of factors and considerations will allow you to get the perfect bathroom furniture for your home. In particular:

  1. The functionality of the bathroom furniture.
  2. The quality of bathroom furniture.
  3. The ideal style for a perfect bathroom.

Let’s discover these elements in detail so you can finally choose the perfect bathroom furniture for your home.

The ideal style for a perfect bathroom

Let’s discover these elements in detail so you can finally choose the perfect bathroom furniture for your home.

The functionality of bathroom furniture

The first element to consider for a perfect bathroom furniture is functionality. The washbasin and bathroom furniture, the shower and bidet must be designed and studied in the most practical way possible and must respect the minimum distances between the sanitary ware.

Taking care of this aspect will not only allow you to be in compliance with Italian regulations, but also to have a functional and efficient bathroom and avoid mistakes in the bathroom furniture.

Minimum distances between sanitaryware

The first rule to respect in order to have a functional bathroom is to leave a sufficient amount of space between particular elements; this is to ensure comfort of use and ease of movement within the space. The layout of the sanitaryware follows very precise rules, which have been updated over time and today are contained in UNI 9182/2010.

Each house must have at least one bathroom equipped with: toilet, bidet, washbasin, shower or bathtub.

If the apartment is large, and in addition to the main bathroom you are lucky enough to have a guest bathroom, in the latter you can also decide to include only a few elements.

We see some distances to be respected when arranging the toilets in the bathroom:

Distance between the toilet and the wall: the toilet must be placed at least 15 cm from the wall, while for the bidet you need 20 cm.

Distance between the bidet and the shower: according to the regulations, the bidet must be installed at least 20 cm from the shower. The same distance must be respected between the bidet and the bathtub.

Distance between the toilet and the shower: the toilet must be placed at least 10 cm from the bathtub or shower so that both are accessible and non-hazardous.

Distance between bidet and washbasin/washbasin distance: The minimum distance to be observed between the toilet and the washbasin and between the bidet and the washbasin must be at least 10 cm. The same distance applies if you have two washbasins side by side.

Shower basin/bath basin distance: In this case, a distance of 5 cm must be observed.

In order to be used with sufficient ease and to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, all sanitary ware must have a space of at least 55 cm in front of it.

The attention to the distances must be even greater in case you have to furnish a small bathroom. A bathroom with reduced space must be designed so that every centimeter is used in the best possible way.

Our advice is to prefer suspended furniture, which immediately give the room a large size and allow for easier cleaning.

If the size of the bathroom is unusual or the room is difficult to furnish properly, you can opt for custom and custom bathroom furniture.

Alternatively, you can evaluate modular solutions which are now available in very compact and practical sizes.

Our advice is not to hesitate to experiment: modular furniture has the advantage that it can be freely combined, both horizontally and vertically, so you can create original but still harmonious compositions.

The quality of bathroom furniture

A key aspect that you need to pay attention to when choosing the perfect bathroom furniture is the quality of the furniture.

This environment, in fact, is often subjected to high humidity and frequent temperature changes; both features can negatively affect furniture and furnishings.

That is why the quality of bathroom furniture is very important and must be considered carefully. How to recognize quality bathroom furniture?

The factors to consider are different, you must pay particular attention to:

Attention to detail

The details of the bathroom furniture are what distinguishes the craftsmanship from the mass production: the care and attention of the craftsman in fact allows a level of accuracy in details that gives the furniture an elegant and perfect look, like a work of art.

Simple and clean lines

As in clothing the “little black sheath dress” is the garment par excellence, in the world of design furniture with simple, clean and elegant lines are a must.

What is classic, is timeless and immediately gives a sense of quality and excellence of the product.

The right lighting

Pay attention to how to light the bathroom is not as obvious as you think.

Also this aspect is able to give value to the bathroom furniture: light is a fundamental component and is able to give style, design and elegance.

In addition, the small details carefully placed by the craftsman will finally find adequate value.

The materials used

The material chosen for the bathroom furniture influences both the aesthetics of the furniture and its maintenance over time. The most used material is wood; we can find it in two finishes: lacquered or laminated.

Whatever finish is chosen, it is essential to pay attention to the method with which it is made. Especially for lacquered materials, it is important to understand on which material this processing will be performed.

Assistance and after sales

Last but not least, the quality of the furniture is also assessed through elements not directly found on the product: companies that take care of quality at 360 degrees also give importance to customer service throughout the purchase process up to after-sales.

The seriousness in the care and attention to the customer is a reflection of the attention to the quality of the products offered.

The ideal style for the perfect bathroom

The purchase of bathroom furniture is an investment and this means that the furniture will remain the same for several years. For this reason we suggest you to carefully consider what style you like the most and represents you.

Our advice is to prefer furniture with simple and clean lines; hardly tire or go out of fashion. The colors are also universal: white, gray, beige are the most used colors to have a welcoming, delicate and elegant environment.

Those who prefer to dare can combine different styles of bathroom furniture to get a fusion look, new and original.

The choice depends exclusively on the particular style we prefer; the important thing is to opt for a style and use it in the choice of all the elements to have a coherent and harmonious result.

The best advice for the perfect bathroom furniture

In this article we have discovered what aspects to pay attention to when choosing bathroom furniture.

Often, when you find yourself having to make a renovation of the bathroom or a restyling of the same it is necessary to consider the possibility of replacing the furnishing accessories. So it’s good to know what the experts’ advice is to make sure you get the perfect solution for your home.

First of all it is important to design a functional bathroom: nobody wants to end up with furniture that does not open or cabinets that interfere with the passage. That’s why real rules have been introduced that regulate the minimum distances to be maintained between the sanitary ware and furniture.

The perfect furniture is not only functional, but also beautiful and elegant. For this reason it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of bathroom furniture.

In this environment there are often vapors, humidity and temperature changes so a quality furniture is able to ensure a certain inalterability and durability.

Finally, you can not forget the aesthetics: every respectable bathroom must be elegant and cared for. In this case, however, there are no defined rules: everything depends on the taste and style of those who furnish.

The bathroom is an environment that by definition recalls intimacy and personality: this is why it is essential that it represents the style of those who frequent this space.

These are all our advice to choose the perfect bathroom furniture for your home. Now, all you have to do is start designing the space of your dreams.

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