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Initially, students complete either the First Year Engineering program at UBC, common to all first-year engineering students at UBC, or the Engineering Transfer Program, taken at other institutions, as the basis for entering the second year program in Civil Engineering. color: #0055b7; YjllNGU0MDZiOGQyMmIxYmRjOGYxNGM2MjM3NjIxYTM1YTVhMTAxNGJkMTJj Applicants with more than 26 credits of engineering transfer credit may be eligible for second-year engineering. -----BEGIN REPORT----- margin: 0; In either case, students must apply for admission to the School of Engineering through UBC’s Admissions Office. Course Planning; 2nd Year Placement ; Engineering Programs . MWQ5NDBhNDc5OGRmNmVjMDdkMmMyNDUzMGJhMGE3NDRiNDQyNGFmZjJmNDZm border: 1px solid #3894bc; If you’re planning on applying to UBC, you will be asked during your application to submit your official transcripts. If you apply to the engineering summer semester you can bypass some of the fall applicant competition although you will have to sacrifice your course deposit $ because engineering courses don’t run in the summer. margin:10px 0; max-width: 1170px; Current students. university or college transfer requirements, engineering undergraduates degree requirements, Follow the Undergraduate Programs and Admissions, To be eligible for second-year, you need at least 27 university transferable credits that count towards our, You may still be eligible to apply as a first-year student as long as you have the. Funding your studies; Tuition and fees; Paying tuition; Student loans; Awards: scholarships and bursaries; Direct deposit; Taxes; Financial Wellness workshops; Records. As all other engineering undergraduate programs at UBC students will apply into the common undergraduate engineering first year, and then specialize in Manufacturing Engineering starting in their second year. Admissions Admission into Mechanical Engineering at UBC is highly competitive. Change of Campus applies to students who are currently attending UBC and who wish to change from the UBC Vancouver campus to the UBC Okanagan campus, or vice versa, with the exception of students in the Bachelor of Applied Science program.. Current students who wish to change to a different program at the same campus, please see Change of Degree Program. NmU3ZWFkMWVmYWM1M2RiNjE3MDZhOGZlYjBkYWYyZGY5NGU0YjNhMjlkZmYx ODY1OGNlMmZlNDliNDMwMThiOTQyOTMyYTY3OGVjNjM4NTg3ZGU4ZjM0OTFm display: inline; #block-weatheradvisory .col-xs-12 { } undergraduate admissions. If you are hoping a course will transfer as your Humanities elective, indicate ‘Humanities’ under UBC Course Number. OTQ2MDJlYjNjOTJmZDQxYjNiZjQ5Y2M1NmIzNjcyYzYxOGQ0OGEzN2VlNzA3 Third-party authorization; Change your personal info; Ordering a diploma; Ordering a transcript; Exams. Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) Investigate practical, hands-on ways of creating and improving physical systems to meet the demand of modern industries, from aircraft and energy systems to biomedical, mechatronics and manufacturing. Admission to Civil Engineering occurs at the second year level, following completion of the general first year Engineering at UBC or transfer from another post-secondary program outside UBC Engineering. A graduate with a University Transfer Engineering Certificate has reliably demonstrated to a first-year university level the ability to: Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method and apply it to critically solve problems Demonstrate proper laboratory techniques, including the use of appropriate equipment and instrumentation } If you would like credit from a different department, you will need to follow their process. Submit all of your online Course Request Forms (CRFs) on the Transfer Credit Portal before … .info__content { You start by gaining a broad understanding of engineering principles in first-year before entering the 2nd Year Placement process. Transfer credits; Cross-campus registration; SSC login help; Change of degree program or campus; Finances . Applicants to UBC Applied Sciences from BCCAT articulated transfer programs such that of Langara, are currently accepted with a minimum GPA of 3.1 in the 40-42 credits of the program, which ordinarily must be earned within 12 months and prior to the UBC June … UBC Search. margin-left:10px; MGQ0ZjcxMjg4NGU5MjkyMDE2ODkzNTM3YmNlYTgzOTNiM2RhZTJjMGQxZTU0 There is a guaranteed admission transfer agreement between Douglas College and UBC Engineering. color: #3894bc; This process should be completed after you are accepted into the Go Global program but before you begin your exchange. Admission to a specialization is based on your GPA and a personal statement submitted towards the end of first-year. } Applicants with more than 26 credits of engineering transfer credit may be eligible for second-year engineering. NGIzYTQzNjhkZGQ2YzQ5MzJmNTRhZjgzZWRhMzFiOWVhYWE2ZDE1N2YxMzMw -----END REPORT-----. Transfer credits or exemptions for specific courses are determined on an individual basis or are based on existing agreements between the technical institution and UBC. Use the UBC transfer credit search tool to see how previously evaluated courses from many institutions transfer to UBC. #block-calltoactionsurvey { The typical transfer program is appropriate for most students transferring into the Faculty from the first year of a science program at UBC or another university or college. You can transfer a maximum of 60 credits. The UBC School of Engineering accepts students transferring from another UBC Faculty and other institutions. Navigate your Degree. display: inline-block; YzJhYTI4YTlkYjZlZTIzYTFjNjljYjJlN2JlMDI2Y2M1Y2NjN2I5ZGI1NDgw UBC Engineering provides students with extraordinary learning opportunities. Apply your knowledge to a real-world engineering challenge as part of Capstone, a team-based consulting project that provides students with invaluable experience, industry connections, and something to talk about at that first big job interview. /*--> Transfer Credit and select “UBC Okanagan” from the drop-down menu. ZTQ1MTA0ZmNlOTBmNTJkMDRhNjRlZjdmY2E2ZDg2YjM4NWFlNzYyYjM4NTJj Students wanting to transfer programs should send an email to help [at] ece [dot] ubc [dot] ca with their request. MzdiYTExNjc0NDY2ZDVlNzJhNDY1YjkyOGQxYzIxMjBjYTk0NTM1MGNmMmEx Topics in Engineering Course Request (CIVL 598). See Admission from a Post-Secondary Institution. UBC Search. font-weight:900; Letter of Permission. } NGRkM2JhMTNjNDliZWE4MDU5MTZlMWJjNWFmMDMzZGJiNjU1MDFhY2Y5Zjhh #block-calltoactionsurvey .col-xs-12 { Your access to this site was blocked by Wordfence, a security provider, who protects sites from malicious activity. For more information about diploma transfers to the Faculty of Forestry, please contact the Admissions Advisor by phone at 604-822-1834 or by email: [email protected] Applicants to the Master of Engineering program in all specializations must hold a credential deemed academically equivalent to a four-year bachelor's degree from UBC, in engineering or a related discipline. In fourth year, you'll have the chance to specialize in production management on the Okanagan campus or technical manufacturing on the Vancouver campus. You will then be assigned transfer credit, if any, once you’ve been admitted to UBC. vertical-align: middle; All Potential Transfer Students Students in a graduate program who wish to transfer to the Department of Computer Science at UBC in order to complete a UBC degree must follow the graduate admission procedures by submitting the online application and all of the documents required for the program (see the application procedure). Transfer Credit Search Tool. Note: Master of Engineering degrees alone do not form an acceptable basis for application to associations of professional engineers in Canada. Forestry & LFS) are eligible to apply; Undergraduate students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 75% at UBC to be considered for exchange at ETH Zurich; Students in Computer Science should have a very strong computer science and math background (e.g. For example, the first year of CHEM at UBC consists of two courses, the second of which addresses organic chemistry in more depth than at most universities. OGVjN2E4ZTJhMWE5MmZiYWExMTZjMmVlNjQ1NDg4YmNkN2E2N2YyYjhiNjYw .alert-icon { vertical-align: middle; Here are a few snapshots of our people around the world and the programs and resources that support their efforts. @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) { background-color: rgba(0, 85, 183, 0.1); The Integrated Engineering (IGEN) program will provide you with a broad, non-specialized engineering education. The Common First-Year Engineering Curriculum (CFYEC) is intended to prepare graduates for transfer into second-year Engineering at any of: UBC (Vancouver), UBC (Okanagan), UNBC, UVic, or TRU. Mechanical Engineering. NGQxNTRlYzBlZjcxZjdlZGUwMDQyMDkzOTQ0YjEwYmQ2ZmQ2YmQxYTQ3NDkx } color:#0055b7; NjhmMjU3YjMxYjBmNDNlZTg0ZmVhY2Q0MjE0MzczZGRjOWQ0Y2UwY2I0NmFh display: inline; Transfer Student. To apply for undergraduate admission into Electrical or Computer engineering, visit UBC Engineering. padding: 10px; Admission to Civil Engineering. Admission to UBC includes applying from high school, transferring from another school or faculty and completing transfer programs. border-radius: 50%; The Transfer Credit Application only relates to courses with APSC or ENGR course codes. .alert-content { } /*-->*/. .alert-box {

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